America, Wake Up!

For Sale: America is dedicated to providing factual data on the current economic condition of the United States. The data provided on this Web site relays the number of U.S. companies being sold to foreign interests, the percentage of annual consumption spent on imports, the percentage of U.S. Corporations owned by foreign entities and foreign financing of U.S. government debt.

Each year the U.S. operates with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit. The U.S.' out-of-control spending and excessive tax breaks have led to the country being over 14 trillion dollars in the red. In order to finance its operations, the U.S. must borrow money from its economic competitors through the sale of Treasury Bonds.

The U.S. annually imports billions of dollars worth of foreign-made goods. Importing more than we export equates to lost industries and jobs in the U.S. Through Free Trade Agreements the U.S. has facilitated the exportation of American production to the lowest wage countries, resulting in the loss of American jobs, skills and wealth.

As jobs have fled the country, so too has ownership of American corporations. Over the past several decades thousands of American companies have been purchased by overseas conglomerates. These companies once produced wealth and innovation within the United States, but now the wealth, profits, and innovations flow out of the U.S. Through the purchase of important and strategic American corporations, and from insourced intrusion into the American domestic markets, foreign-based companies have built up a huge influence over entire industries.

According to data collected from the Internal Revenue Service certain industries have become completely monopolized by interests overseas.