Foreign Ownership of US Domestic Industries

Through the purchase of important and strategic American corporations, foreign interests have acquired an increasingly large influence over our major industries. The share of all industries controlled by foreign interests has gradually ticked up in recent years as we have sold off many of our largest and most profitable companies. Such crucial areas, like manufacturing, are being gradually liquidated and handed over to foreign ownership.

Below you will find data detailing the foreign ownership of selected industries, including data for 2008 which is the most recent available from the IRS. Foreign ownership is defined as ownership by a foreign entity of 50 percent or more of the value of a corporation’s stock.

Industry 2002 2008
All industries12.66%14.18%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting6.36%4.36%
Construction8.45% 6.36%
Wholesale Trade28.50%30.16%
Retail tradeUnavailable5.40%
Transportation and Warehousing7.75% 10.67%
Information Industries23.59%11.85%
Finance and Insurance10.97%14.95%
Real Estate14.96%12.18%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services20.07%24.61%
Administrative, Support, Waste management and Remediation Services14.64%21.13%
Educational Services7.43%10.71%
Health Care and Social Assistance6.17% 11.36%
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation7.32% 11.39%
Accomodation and Food Services13.84%9.88%